Aaron Pulkka, former vice-president of Activision Blizzard, founded CryptoSteam, a crypto-games publishing platform, and invented the concept of GameFi 2.0.
CryptoSteam disrupts the traditional Steam-like publishing platform model by directing all platform revenue and revenue from games, like DeDragon, into the DAO treasury, which is controlled by protocols to buy back governance tokens when they fall below a set price, while the liquidity of governance tokens is bought back from the market through the mechanism of bonds. Cryptosteam combines this model with “Play To Earn” to create the new GameFi 2.0.
CryptoSteam also uses Tokens and NFTs to connect the economic model of all games. Allowing game developers to become the managers of CryptoSteam through the DAO. All of the profits will be used to maintain the stability of the platform’s GameFi 2.0 economic model.

The Vision

The vision of CryptoSteam is to become the infrastructure provider of Metaverse, and be the bridge to connect all other meta-universes together.


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