The concept of Defi2.0 became popular with OlympusDao's brand-new protocol design. Defi2.0 has better composability, higher execution speed, and uses the concept of "protocol control value", and innovative bond mechanism to solve the traditional defi1 .0 issues.
As an inventor of innovative Gamefi, Dedragon combines defi2.0 - that provides players with the best liquidity of governance token CST, the stability of price – achieved by our proprietary algorithms combined with revenue deposits to the treasury. Dedragon also allows players to purchase NFT premium mining cards at a price 20% lower than the market price through NFT bonds and continues to produce governance tokens by staking.
At the same time, Dedragon inherited the concept of Play to Earn, using NFT for combat, upgrades, star-ups, and other methods to strengthen and increase the hash power and get new dragon NFT through the game of reproduction and incubation.

Dedragon = Defi2.0 + Play to earn = Gamefi2.0

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