DeDragon Game
DeDragon is the first Gamefi2.0 metaverse game published on the CryptoSteam platform.
Build a beautiful dragon island full of habitats under an endless sky, breed hundreds of legendary dragons composed of different elements and species. Learn about each dragon's personality as you interact and raise them, while exploring the world as you wish. Conquer the gold mines or liberate Dragon Island from the Vikings. Engage in 3V3 battles and complete campaign missions with your friends for maximum rewards and fun.
DeDragon follows the "Play to Earn" motto, while combining the advantages of Defi2.0, to create a new DeDragon economy model that will reward players for their contributions to the game's ecosystem. Players can earn revenue by breeding and staking Legendary Dragon NFT, participating in PVP battles in exchange for a large amount number of tokens.
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